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Episode 1 (11/5/2010)
Academy award nominated actor - Graham Greene
Actress - Estella Warren
Reggae Rapper – Snow
Suit maker to the stars – Lou Myles
Episode 2 (11/12/2010)
Guitar Maker -Mike Carparelli
Actress - Bai Ling
Actress - Helene Joy
Author - Hal Robak
Episode 3 (11/19/2010)
Star of the Bachelor & Bachelor Pad – Jessie Sulidas
Freelance writer & Editor – Drew Tapley
Cheetah Power Surge Commercial Challenge 3rd Place finalists
Episode 4 (11/26/2010)
A Special Presentation with
Legendary Iconic Actor Al Pacino and Canadian Idol Brian Melo
Episode 5 (12/03/2010)
Actor – Kim Coates
Actor – William Fichtner
Olympian Gold Medalist – Gillian Apps
Episode 6 (12/10/2010)
Actor – Allen Altman
Former NHL Star – Ron Duguay
Nikki - Psychic to the stars
Episode 7 (12/17/2010)
Rick Campanelli - Co-Host Entertainment Tonight Canada
Dr. Gary Levi - Director, University of Toronto Transplantation Institute
Cherie Piper - Olympic Gold Medalist
Episode 8 (12/24/2010)
Mike Bullard - Talk Show Host
Archie Alleyne - Legendary Jazz Drummer
Liberty Silver - Singer/Songwriter
Episode 9 (01/10/2011)
The Best of the being Frank Show
Episode 10 (01/14/2011)
Actress, Mag Ruffman
Champion Figure Skater, Shae-Lynn Bourne
Hockey Hall of famer, Angela James
Episode 11 (01/21/2011)
Actress - Paula Brancati ( Degrassi Next Generation, Being Erica)
Actress - Melanie Nicholls-King (Rookie Blue)
Extreme Violinist - Dr. Draw
Episode 12 (01/28/2011)
Hockey Great & Broadcaster - Brad May
Race Car Driver - Speedy Dan Clarke
Psychic to the Stars - Nikki
Episode 13 (02/04/11)
TV Personality - Ed The Sock, Toronto Maple Leaf Goaltender - James Reimer, Fashion Model - Rebecca Hardy, Actor - Walter Alza, Actor & Singer - Duff MacDonald
Episode 14 (02/11/11)
Hockey Great - Theo Fleury
Actress - Joanna Douglas from Being Erica
Host of Musically Yours - Deirdre Mallehe
Episode 15 (02/18/11)
Cleopatra Williams from Jersey Boys
Alana Bridgewater from We Will Rock You
Special Guest - Ed The Sock
Carparelli Guitar Contest Entries
Episode 16 (02/25/11)
Ellen Dubin - Actress Napoleon Dynamite
Yvan Pedneault - Theatre Actor
Andre Sills - Theatre Actor
Special Guest - Ed The Sock
Carparelli Guitar Contest Entries
Episode 17 (03/04/11)
Road Trip to the Oscars Part 1
Episode 18 (03/11/11)
Road Trip to the Oscars Part 2
Episode 19 (03/18/11)
Road Trip to the Oscars Part 3
Director- Marty Weiss
Actress - Bai Ling
Actress - Anna Gurji
Episode 20 (03/25/11)
Actress - Alicia Josipovic, from Degrassi
Urban Recording Artist – JDIGGZ
Singer & T.V Reality Star - Rosette
Episode 21 (04/01/11)
Actor - Walter Alza
Actress - Alyson Court
King of the Maitre'Ds - Lou Janetta
Pres. CHIN Radio & TV - Lenny Lombardi
TV Personality - Ed The Sock
Episode 22 (04/15/11)
Hockey Legend - Claude Lemieux
TV Personality - Liana K
TV Personality - Ed The Sock
Actress - Lisa Berry
Episode 23 (04/22/11)
Super star - Danny Fernandes
Degrassi Actress/Singer - Andrea Lewis
Canadian band - Stuck On Planet Earth
Award winning author/singer - Jerelyn Craden
Episode 24 (04/29/11)
Luca Caputi – Hockey Player, Maple Leafs
Mike Zigomanis - Hockey Player, Maple Leafs
Kyla Tingley - Singer
Episode 25 (05/06/11)
Frank Sings with: Actress/singer - Andrea Lewis, Actress/singer - Alana Bridgewater, Singer/Songwriter - Kyla Tingley, Actress/singer - Cleopatra Williams and Extreme violinist Dr. Draw.
Episode 26 (07/01/11)
MMA Legend and Champion - Chuck Liddell, Veteran UFC Fighter - Jeff Joslin, UFC Referee - Big John McCarthy, MMA Ring Announcer - Ray Flores
Episode 27 (07/08/11)
MMA Legend and Champion - Chuck Liddell, Veteran UFC Fighter - Jeff Joslin, UFC Referee - Big John McCarthy, MMA Ring Announcer - Ray Flores
Episode 28 (07/15/11)
Frank's Greatest Interviews: Legendary singer - Tony Bennett, The late great - Paul Newman, Legendary actor - Al Pacino, Actor – William Fichtner, Champion figure skater - Shae-Lynn Bourne, & many more.
Episode 29 (07/29/11)
Frank's exclusive visit to the Canadian Forces base in Edmonton with hockey great Dennis Hull. Plus never before seen video of Frank and the band in concert at their CD release in-store performance at HMV.
Episode 30 (09/02/11)
Frank plays with NHL greats at the Hockey Night in St. Catharine's Charity Hockey Game. Guests include veteran NHL referee Ron Hoggarth, NHL greats Steve Ludzik, Pierre Pilote and Bob Manno
Episode 31 (10/14/11)
Singer, songwriter and triple platinum hip hop artist Karl Wolf along with award winning journalist, broadcaster and motivational speaker Spider Jones.
Episode 32 (10/21/11)
Award winning singer, songwriter - the great Dan Hill along with Canadian Rock ‘n’ Roll artist Valerie Shearman.
Episode 33 (10/28/11)
Legendary sports personality Bill Watters with model and actress Nadia Dawn and musical guests Secret Suburbia.
Episode 34 (11/04/11)
Exclusive interview with the king of golf Arnold Palmer.
Episode 35 (11/11/11)
Former NHL player and coach Steve Ludzik along with NHL great Jeremy Roenick and the president of Yuk Yuk’s comedy clubs Jeff Silverman.
Episode 36 (11/18/11)
The incredible Terry Sylvester from the Hollies along with the hilarious comedian "That Canadian Guy" Glen Foster.
Episode 37 (11/25/11)
NHL great Theo Fleury, actor Mark Caven, legendary NHL coach Mike Keenan and musical guest George Casey.
Episode 38 (12/02/11)
Join Frank on his road trip to New York City as he take a bite out of the big apple with candid street interviews, along with model and actress Virginia Pope and Frank's book signing.
Episode 39 (12/09/11)
Sports personality Bill Watters along with founder of Yuk Yuks Mark Breslin, founder of Famous People Players Diane Dupuy, comedian Dylan Mandlsohn and musical guest Lush.
Episode 40 (12/16/11)
Psychic and clairvoyant Betsy Balega, TV personality Carla Collins, radio personalities Humble and Fred and comedian Christophe Davidson.
Episode 41 (12/23/11)
A salute to Canadian Comedy with guest comedians Graham Kay, Myles Morrison, Julia Bruce, Freddy Proia, John Hastings, Cedric Newman and "That Canadian Guy" Glen Foster.
Episode 42 (12/30/11)
Paul Hoffert from the rock band Lighthouse, along with Paul Chato of The Frantics comedy Troupe, Comedian Mike Harrison and a surprise appearance by a rock and roll legend himself.
Episode 43 (01/06/12)
Pop Music Manager and author Gerry Young along with Country Music Singer Carly Taylor and Radio and TV personality Jim Tatti.
Episode 44 (01/13/12)
Frank's best interviews featuring Arnold Palmer, Bill Watters, Theo Fleury, Mike Keenan, Tony Bennett, Terry Sylvester, Dan Hill, Paul Hoffert, Carla Collins, James Reimer, Al Pacino and Paul Newman.
Episode 45 (01/20/12)
Singer, songwriter and humanitarian Patti Jannetta, King of the Maîξtre D's Lou Jannetta, author and hypnotist Dr. Georgina Cannon, standup comedian Jeff Elliott and suit maker to the stars Lou Myles.
Episode 46 (01/27/12)
Recording artist Micah Barnes along with actress Carmen Moore from Blackstone and standup comedian Dan Guiry.
Episode 47 (02/03/12)
Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod from Body Break, actress Michelle Thrush from Blackstone and standup comedian Dave Merheje.
Episode 48 (02/10/12)
Movie critic Peter Howell, pop culture communist Bill Brioux and standup comedian Jeff Elliott.
Episode 49 (02/17/12)
Ian Thomas – Canadian music legend, Ryan Horwood - Yuk Yuk's Standup comedian, Mark Delavan – COC Baritone Singer (Tosca), Julie Makerov - COC Soprano Singer (Tosca), Dr. Georgina Canno
Episode 50 (03/03/12)
A special presentation. Frank's Funniest moments featuring superstar actors, singers, celebrities, athletes and comedians.
Episode 51 (03/09/12)
Mediterranean Guitar sensation Pavlo, Kevin Hearn of the Bare-naked Ladies, sports personality Bill Watters and standup comedian Dylan Gott.
Episode 52 (03/16/12)
Legendary singer-songwriter Murray McLauchlan, along with tenor extraordinaire Christopher Dallo and standup comedian Richard Lett.
Episode 53 (05/04/12)
A special 2 hour presentation. Frank D'Angelo and his 15 piece band live in concert at Markham Theatre. Special opening act - standup comedian Glen Foster.
Episode 54 (06/01/12)
A special 2 hour presentation. Frank D'Angelo and his 15 piece band live in concert at the Boston Manor. Special guests: standup comedians Glen Foster, Richard Lett, Dan Guiry and singer songwriter Patti Jannetta. Also announcing the winners of the $25,000 Sidekick Contest and Carparelli Guitar contest.
Episode 56 (10/05/12)
Season 3 Premiere. Special concert presentation Live from Hamilton Place. With comedian Glen Foster "That Canadian Guy".
Episode 57 (10/12/12)
Award winning journalist, broadcaster and motivational speaker - Spider Jones. Comedian/Host of XM radio's "Anything Goes" - Dave Martin, Comedian/Gemini Nominee - Ian Sirota, Director of Transplantation Institute at University of Toronto - Dr. Gary Levy
Episode 58 (10/26/12)
George Chuvalo - Former Canadian Heavy Boxing Champ, Missi Pyle - actress from Oscar winning film "The Artist" and "Two and a half men", Deborah Wedekind – Singer/Songwriter, Christophe Davidson - Comedian
Episode 59 (11/02/12)
Guests include: Al Joynes - Q107 DJ, Ryan Laird - Country Singer, Graham Kay - Yuk Yuk's Comedian, Jim Tatti - Sportscaster, Ed The Sock - TV personality.
Episode 60 (11/09/12)
Guests include Mysterion – The Mind Reader, Robert Testa – Illusionist, The Great Baldini – Magician, Martha Chaves – Comedian, Ed the Sock – TV Personality.
Episode 61 (11/23/12)
Guests include Rik Emmett - From The Band Triumph, Ross Reynolds - Former CEO Universal Music Canada, Phoenix Kelly - Singer/Songwriter, Jesse Owens - Comedian, Ed the Sock - TV Personality.
Episode 62 (12/07/12)
Guests include Keith Pelley – President Rogers Media, Spidey – Hypnotist, Dom Pare – Comedian, Kat Lucas and her band Belle Ayre, Ed the Sock – TV Personality.
Episode 63 (12/21/12)
Guests include Dom Pare – Comedian, Bill Watters - Sportscaster, The Shuffle Demons, Donna Greenberg – Jazz Singer, Glen Foster – Comedian, Frenchie McFarlane – Impressionist and Santa Claus.
Episode 64 (12/28/12)
Greatest Moments of The Being Frank Show - Guests include Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Tony Bennett, Arnold Palmer, Ian Thomas, Murray McLauchlan, Rik Emmett, Dan Hill, George Chuvalo, Terry Sylvester, William Fichtner, Graham Greene and more...
Episode 65 (02/15/13)
Guests include Amaranth Day from The Boot Campaign, Steve Strongman - Jazz Guitarist, Richard Lett - Comedian, Silvie Silver – Pro Female Wrestler and Ed The Sock – TV Personality.
Episode 66 (03/01/13)
Guests include Actor Nick Mancuso, Director Jerry Ciccoritti, Dr. Georgina Cannon, Comedian Bobby Knauff, R&B recording artist Jully Black and Ed the Sock.
Episode 67 (03/08/13)
Guests include Standup comedian Graham Kay, Broadcaster Bill Hayes, Singer/songwriter Celia Palli, Cheryl Sheridan from Reptilia Zoo and Ed the Sock.
Episode 68 (04/05/13)
Guests include Boxing Sensation Phil Lo Greco, Jazz Instrumentalist Michael Massaro, Comedian Mike Rita and Ed the Sock.
Episode 69 (04/12/13)
Guests include Acting icon Nick Mancuso, Canadian screen legend Sean McCann, Comedian Martha Chaves and Ed the Sock.
Episode 70 (06/29/13)
Guests include Margot Kidder, John Savage, Michael Parι, Nick Mancuso, Robert Mangiardi, Tony Rosato, Steve Bauer, Robert Loggia, Cristiano de Florentiis Co-founder Italian Contemporary Film Festival and Jim Tatti.
Episode 71 (07/19/13)
Coverage of the Real Gangsters Premiere at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival. Featuring Robert Loggia, Nick Mancuso, Robert Mangiardi, Michael Paré, Tony Rosato, Art Hindle, George Chuvalo, Cristiano de Florentiis, Richard Lett and more.
Episode 72 (09/20/13)
Frank D'Angelo does an in depth interview with Robert Loggia as he spends time with him at his home in Beverly Hills.
Episode 73 (11/29/13)
Guests include: Guitar Virtuoso Liona Boyd, Funny Man Vito Rezza and Sidekick Antonio Comparelli, Entertainer and Cocktail Party Host Jaymz Bee, Guest Co-Host Comedian Mark James Heath.
Episode 74 (12/06/13)
Guests include, Actor/Comedian from Saturday Night Live and SCTV Tony Rosato, The voice of CHIN RADIO Cathy Dambrosio, Music Journalist David Farrell, Guest Co-host Comedian Ian Sirota and Co-host Jim Tatti.